Container-Transport to Nigeria

8. October 2020

Collecting took place over many weeks, and on October 5th the time had come: The container started its long journey from Kirchheim to Nigeria. It is about supporting the “Amuro / Mgbom Primary and Secondary School” in Ebony State in Nigeria. This is the starting point of a long-term aid project for this school. After the transport, we want to start renovating the school building as soon as possible, which should provide around 2,200 square meters of space for 1,700 students. Some of the buildings are badly damaged, all of them need some renovation. But we will start with drilling a water well so that we also have water for the renovation. We will report on further details on this new project of the Human Stiftung mutliple times in future.

What is on the way to Nigeria now? Well over 1,000 school bags were collected, fully packed with lots of school utensils, which were thankfully bought by many donors and packed into their bags. We collected a lot of computers and printers and lots of dishes and materials for the school kitchen. There are two washing machines, a gas stove, a number of footballs, mattresses for the preschool children and many more items. We filled the entire 65 cubic meters of the container down to the last place. Only very few things had to be left behind. There is also a small, older car for school. The container was professionally loaded by two experts who even come from Nigeria and work in Germany. Sometimes more than 15 helpers were involved in delivering the goods and loading the container, many thanks for that.

We would like to thank all donors for their generous support, also for the financial contribution to the transport. We will report again as soon as the container has arrived at the school. That is expected to be the case at the end of November. Our board member, Ms. Melanie Facius, will accompany the project on site in Nigeria, as she has recently been living there with her husband and children.

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