Start Inclusion-School in our KCWC

On March 1, 2021, our inclusion school kicked-off in our Keshwa Child Welfare Center in Sonbhadra.

Human-Stiftung together with his partner Creation India Society is immensely proud that that we can build a future for children in need in the Robertsganj region with high-quality education.

Children can join from Nursery to grade V. Up to 25% of the children are handicapped in some way. This makes this school to a unique approach in the Sonbhadra area. Over time we plan to provide lessons for 80-100 students. Due to Corona restrictions, we started in March with 27 registered children from Nursery to class 3 and hope to reach full capacity by end of 2021.

Almost all children, regardless of age, have never been to school on a regular basis, so a new, unknown adventure with a lot of joy for everyone involved. At first, we need to start with the basics in all classes. Even the older children cannot spell their names in Hindi or English. Over time, Hindi, English, math, science, music, and sports are taught.

The beginning of a long journey – Give Children a Future.

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