Food support for the Upper Dolpo

10. July 2021

Due to the very high number of cases of illness in Upper Dolpo, several packages of medication (febrifuge, cough syrup, pain reliever, (multi) vitamin tablets, antibiotics and much more) were transported to Upper Dolpo in a small helicopter on June 6, 2021 and deposited in three “Health Posts”. Thus, at least basic drugs are available to alleviate some symptoms. More medical care is not possible, since oxygen cylinders etc. are currently not available. And it that makes no sense, as the locals do not know how to operate the medical equipment. Whether the illness is Covid or a severe flu has not yet been determined, as there are no test options.

Due to the many diseases and pandemic restrictions, many families will experience significant harvest losses. Food through trade cannot be purchased either, as the borders with Tibet are closed.

That is why we have decided to organize a delivery of food for the families affected beside the medicines. In a joint action, the HUMAN Foundation has succeeded in merging with our partner Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche and other NGOs from Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Nepal.

During the month of July we delivered food to 700 families in the rural municipalities of Shey Phoksundo, Dolpo Buddha and Chharka Tangsong in Upper Dolpo at around 4,000 meters above sea level. In total, more than 20 tons of food have been delivered by mules to the three distribution villages in Dho Tarap, Saldang and Karkot. From there, 30 kg of flour or rice per family were distributed to the needy people in the 22 villages. Locals were selected for transportation so that they could earn money from transportation. A total of 360 mules were in action. Each individual transport took 3 days. This supply will help families get through the next harsh winter.

The total costs amount to more than 30,000 USD. The HUMAN Foundation bears almost 30% of the costs.

We do not want to abandon the families and their children in the Upper Dolpo in the Himalayas in these difficult times, some of whom attend the schools we support.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors who supported this special campaign.

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