School construction Lhuri step 1

31. August 2022

Our dream of an own school in Nepal in Upper Dolpo is becoming a reality. Thanks to the great support of Gaby and Matthias Wahl in memory of their late son Alexander, the construction of the school was started. After the old school building is no longer usable, the children are accommodated in another room in the village or are taught outdoors. As you can see in the pictures, in their new school uniform.
During the construction preparations, our construction manager determined that the building arrangement as planned is not feasible because the land is not wide enough. As a result, the slope had to be partially removed to create sufficient space. Of course, at an altitude of 3,900 meters, no machines can be used in these remote villages, so everything has to be done laboriously by hand. After this preparatory soil work, the building blocks were collected in the vicinity of the village, partially processed and collected on the school property. It is fascinating to see the precision with which the stones are prepared in order to then erect straight walls. Partly retaining walls have to be built.
The necessary timber for doors, windows and the roof, as well as the corridor and the floors must be transported from Lake Phoksundo to Lhuri by mules. The carpenter’s activities are carried out directly on site with simple tools. It is not yet known whether we will get enough timber to carry out all the measures for the building with the five rooms. We also have three other rooms to cover the roof. However, the building itself is already clearly recognizable and we very much hope to have the buildings ready for use as far as possible by October.

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