Status Construction projects in Afikpo

Project puRE water for life

Our currently largest implementation project is in Nigeria. With the construction of a water plant to provide 6 million liters of purified drinking water per year, we will be able to provide clean water for around 5,000 people. A big step towards health care and prevention of diseases.
Unfortunately, we cannot quite keep to our schedule. Due to the global political situation (delays in production, shortage of containers), the provision and loading of our photovoltaic system has been delayed by two months. On November 4th, however, the solar package from the Phaesun company could be loaded into the container. We hope that the container will arrive safely at our construction site in Afikpo North in December.

The construction of the bottling hall will also keep us busy until December. The rainy season and rising material costs will lead to increased construction costs, which we can still absorb in terms of costs. The flat roof of the hall, on which the PV system will then be installed, has just been concreted.

We now expect the plant to go into operation at the beginning of the second quarter of 2023 and will continue to report.

Construction of toilet facilities and school kitchen

There’s a lot going on in Nigeria. In addition to the large water project, two other construction projects are underway at the “Amuro/Mgbom Primary and Secondary” school: the construction of two toilet blocks and the construction of a school kitchen.
We have to accept certain delays due to the rainy season and the increasing cost of materials. We keep the costs under control by waiting for the time of year when the material (sand, cement) becomes a little cheaper again. Overall, however, the costs for building materials in Nigeria are rising, as in most other countries.

We are nearing completion of the construction of the two toilet blocks (by December of this year at the latest). It will be a blessing for the school when sanitary facilities are finally available for the 1,700 students and teachers.
When building the school kitchen, we still have to close a financial gap before we can complete the construction work. After that, a playground will be set up on the school grounds.

The continuous daily work in emergency medical aid and family care should also be mentioned. We will draw more attention to this topic in the coming year.

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