Code of Conduct HUMAN Foundation




The HUMAN Foundation has set itself the goal of offering help to people in poverty and need, especially children and women. When it was founded in December 2014, the dimensions of the work could not yet be estimated. Over the years, partnerships have developed with local NGOs in several countries. This is why the Code of Conduct is particularly important for international cooperation. The scale of the projects has increased from year to year. In terms of staffing, the HUMAN Foundation is a very small organization. The strategy and operational projects are developed and controlled by the Management Board, which consists of five people.

The HUMAN Foundation is a non-profit trust foundation. The legal entity/trustee of the foundation is the Deutsche Stiftungsagentur in Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia, and is managed by it.


Our Vision


„Give Children A Future“ is the vision of the HUMAN Foundation. We stand for targeted education, equality, peace and freedom, equal opportunities, tolerance and strengthening of the community.

We want to show the children in the project countries new opportunities and support them in creating a self-determined life. It is important to us to strengthen the family environment, especially the rights and training opportunities of women, in order to give the children the support they need.

We see our foundation as a contribution to more humanity and a peaceful and just world.

Our Mission


Together with our local partner organizations in India, Nepal and Nigeria, we develop the right strategies and programs.
In close cooperation with the local and central government authorities of the countries, we implement the measures with local employees. In this way, we not only support children and women, but also create jobs for the local population.

Through close and personal contact with the families, teachers and the authorities, we know the needs of the people and can respond to them with our wide range of aid measures.
Targeted education, training and support for children, young people and women in social and financial need is our service offering to enable these people to lead a self-determined life.


Our values and principles


For our joint work, the following values and principles are particularly important to us:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect and Tolerance, Equality und Diversity
  • Respect of Cultures
  • Professional Management
  • Project effectiveness and sustainability
  • Accountability

Integrity means for us not only the respect of our ideals and values, but also the respect of our word and thus reliability.

Transparency of our work with our sponsors is particularly important, both in terms of financial disclosure and project progress and any issues. This is ensured by our regular newsletters and blogs on our website, as well as presentations and events.
Confidentiality is a matter of course for us, not only of data but also of the fates of individuals with whom we work.

Respect and Tolerance within the organization, to the people in need to whom we offer our services and to our partner organizations abroad are at the top of our scale of values. Respect for cultures is a guarantee of success in our work. Success can only be achieved together with the people and their cultural roots. Our projects focus on equality and diversity as essential elements.

A professional Management is a prerequisite for the planning and implementation of our major projects, since the focus in the foreign partner organizations in particular is on local operational processing.

All projects aim to achieve long-term success. For this reason, we only have a few partners with whom we have been working for many years. This is the only way we can track the effectiveness of our activities and create value in the long term. Environmental advice plays an important role in this.

We see us responsible in all directions for

  • the people in need
  • our sponsors
  • our international partners,
  • but also towards our trustee and the state.

We respect and obey all laws and rules, both at home and abroad.


Particular aspects of child and youth protection abroad


Since our partners work a lot with children and young people, we undertake to comply with all laws and regulations on the protection of children and young people. We show appreciation for all people and refrain from degrading and discriminatory language, both in words and in pictures.

The circumstances in the countries in which we work are different:
In India we have some government sponsored programs such as children’s relief, inclusion school, work with disabled children and vocational training for youth. The government’s requirements for the protection of children and young people are very far-reaching and licenses are only issued if all measures are observed. In this respect, all employees of our partner meet the highest standards and we care for it..

In Nepal, the focus is on school lessons. Here, too, the requirements of the state and the local school committees must be observed. All teachers will receive pedagogical training.

In Nigeria, we primarily create infrastructure in schools and plan and implement water projects for clean drinking water. Classes are taught by state teachers. We take care of families and work in the medical field ourselves according to our values and principles while respecting the Nigerian culture.


Volunteer work and fees – Administration


All activities on the board of the foundation are fulfilled voluntarily. There are no fees, nor any other expense allowances.

All project trips are carried out privately. All administrative expenses, in particular for the DS Deutsche Stiftungsagentur as our trustee, but also account management, postage costs, event costs, etc. are covered by the donors as donations. In this respect, 100% of the donations flow into the project work.



Essentially, the foundation finances itself via

  • Private Donations
  • Grant applications
  • Donations from small companies
  • Income from events
  • Presence on fundraising platforms

We reserve the right to refuse donations. No consideration is granted by accepting a donation. The administration of the donations is the responsibility of the DS Deutsche Stiftungsagentur.


Data Privacy


We undertake to comply with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All details can be found in the detailed data protection clauses.


Trustee – Controlling – Certificates


The DS Deutsche Stiftungsagentur is the trustee of the HUMAN Foundation and administers the foundation. We decided on this legal form in order to be able to devote all our time and energy to the project work.

The foundation agency assumes the function of controlling and quality assessment of the projects. In this respect, we do not participate in any further certifications, such as the “DZI donation seal” or other quality initiatives, as this would only cause unnecessary costs.

The administration costs for the trustee are borne 100% by the donors through a donation.