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Facts & Figures


of your donations...

flow into the project work . All of the foundation’s administrative and other costs are borne by the founders. Project visits are entirely privately funded.


of your donations...

… are currently used for operations , i.e. they are personnel and material cost . Any donations left are used for investments (buildings, vehicles) or to build up small reserves.


of investments...

… of the Human-Stiftung are borne by the founders. This relates to the construction of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center in India, but also to major investments in the future.


of ops-expenses...

… in India are supported by the Government. This applies to the ChildLine, Education and Skill programs. The HUMAN Foundation funds the remaining operating expenses.

What can I achieve with…?

Keshwa Child Welfare Center (KCWC), India:

When all programs are fully operational, we will employ around 30 people. Up to 350 children and juveniles will go to school and receive vocational training at the center every day. We look after up to 2,500 people in the surrounding villages including a Disability Welfare Program.

Winter Schools in Upper Dolpo, Nepal:

We fund two schools in the villages of Saldang and Nyisal at an altitude of around 4,000 meters with 115 students in the very tough winter months of November to April. In total 6 teachers and 4 assistants (kitchen) are on duty. As of 2021 we support another school in the village of Lhuri.

School in Ebony State, Nigeria:

The primary theme of the school project in Nigeria is currently the renovation of the school for 1,700 children. The infrastructure is in a very bad condition. Some buildings are broken, there is no water, the classrooms are overcrowded, it is extremely hot and there are no sanitary facilities.

€ 10

  • Meal for three children per month in the winter schools
  • Fee for one school child per month in the KCWC
  • Cost of 5 beams to replace roofs in Nigeria

€ 25

  • Salary for cook / assistant per month in winter schools
  • Medical care for two weeks at the KCWC
  • 2 large packs of nails for roof renewal in Nigeria

€ 50

  • School fees for four children per month in winter schools
  • Food for school + ChildLine for two weeks in the KCWC
  • A load of sand for the construction work in Nigeria

€ 100

  • Monthly salary for a teacher in winter schools
  • Salary for a social worker per month at the KCWC
  • A door for a classroom in Nigeria with installation

€ 500

  • Total fees for five children of one school period in the winter schools
  • Salary of one ChildLine caretaker for 3 months
  • 3 construction workers for one month in Nigeria

€ 2000

  • Total expenses of both winter schools for 6 weeks
  • Senior Teacher / trainer salary for 1 year at KCWC
  • Drilling a water hole and installing a water tank in Nigeria
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