Quotes from donors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our individual donors. Some of you have agreed to give a short quote about why you support the work of the Human Foundation.
It was August 16, 2021 that dramatically changed our life, which had been so happy until then.

Alexander’s life, which has been so eventful so far with many social contacts and professional success, ended so tragically when he died unexpectedly at the age of 41 from a pulmonary embolism.

Since Alexander spent two semesters abroad in Seoul during his studies, he used the semester breaks to backpack through China, Japan and, above all, Tibet, which fascinated him so much because of the mentality of the locals and the beauty of nature. Now his big dream, which he wanted to realize in autumn, was to travel to Nepal. Since we were always informed about the projects of the HUMAN FOUNDATION through Edith and Karlheinz, we knew that the foundation also builds and runs schools in Nepal.

Helping to fund a school in Lhuri and thinking that this will give children the opportunity to have a better future through education helps us greatly to ease the loss and grief of our only and dearly loved son. We know that this is absolutely in the spirit of Alexander.

We would like to thank Edith and Karlheinz very much for their incredibly admirable commitment to supporting people in poverty and need.

Gaby and Matthias Wahl,

in memory of our late son Alexander

We are very happy that we can help children and families in need through the HUMAN Foundation. The uncomplicated and very trustworthy way of the organization guarantees that all donations arrive where they are needed. That convinces us.
Britta Olschok-Frank and Olaf Frank

Every year, we commit to a monthly donation for one of our favorite charities. For 2020, we were so happy to select the Human Foundation. In this global world, we have a responsibility to look out for each other. Providing quality education improves lives for generations! Thank you, Human Foundation, for your important and life-changing work!
Janet and John Zito

The support of this foundation is very important to me.
In this way, these children in Nepal can contribute to the continued existence of their peaceful people, their culture worth preserving and their nature worth protecting. The children of the Indian people also deserve to be enabled through education to lead a life worth living and to create a human and nature-compatible economic system.
Added to this is my trust in the personal commitment of the founders, who spare no effort and their own expense to get the best information about the use of the donations on site. They also maintain the necessary contacts with those responsible and those affected in the two countries.
Wanda Scheller

As with all money transfers, as a donor you will probably never come to the places and get to know the people who are being helped. It is therefore important to be able to trust the organizations. What makes the HUMAN Foundation so special for us in this regard are two aspects:

1. We are fortunate to have known the founders of the foundation personally for a long time and therefore know that every donation directly and fully benefits those in need.
2. The help of the HUMAN Foundation is embedded in a holistic concept in every project, which not only promises short-term relief from hardship, but should also enable people to have a future worth living in. This is impressively understandable through the six main topics. The motto “Give children a future” can be experienced.

These factors make donations to the HUMAN Foundation so effective and valuable.

Ute and Franz Koppold

The Human Foundation provides children with education who would otherwise never have a chance. It fights poverty in a sustainable way. We want to make a contribution. The world does not stop at the border of Europe!
Athina and Peter Schmidt

A trekking tour to Saldang / Nepal showed me the excellent work of the foundationg.
For years we have been happy to see that our donations go directly to the children in India and Nepal.
Sigrid and Joachim Schnittke

Why is donating to the HUMAN-Stiftung important to us? First, the mission and strategy of HUMAN-Stiftung focuses on women and children including skill development and education to help elevate people out of poverty.
Next, the projects HUMAN-Stiftung develop are always achievable and the success of the foundation continues to raise confidence for new projects. Finally, and perhaps the most important for us, we have personally known the founders of this organization for more than 15 years and we know how resourceful and dedicated they are to the projects taken on by the foundation.
Sandra and Rob Jemmett

We are truly inspired by the dedication and hard work of Karlheinz and Edith from HUMAN-Foundation in delivering on their promise of projects that improves the lives of less fortunate children.
We are more than happy to help out and make a small contribution towards this worthy cause.
Luisa and Mario Sita

I would like to give something back and help children who did not have the same opportunities in life as I did.
Monika Schmitz

We would like to donate to help and it is important to us that donations arrive exactly where they are needed.

The HUMAN Foundation addresses these values ​​and we are happy that we can support the children and the projects.

Diana and Tom Gudella

Children are the future. This foundation gives them the chance to shape their own lives.
Wilfried B.

Every time I read a newsletter, it fills me with pride & happiness to have made a contribution and made something good possible. I could not achieve that much alone – but together we can.
Susanne Stangl