New: Amuro-Mgbom-Schoolproject

10. September 2020

The HUMAN Foundation is growing. We have decided to start another project – in Nigeria. And not only that. At the same time as this decision, Ms. Melanie Facius will also be added to the board on October 1st, 2020. She also brought the idea for this project to the HUMAN Foundation. Melanie lives with her family in the city of Abakaliki in Nigeria. It is a matter close to her heart to carry out social work in her current home country. We would like to thank Melanie for her great commitment and her attitude towards people – and especially for the children in this world. An excellent basis for perfect cooperation within the HUMAN Foundation. In addition to Melanie and her family, we also work with the pastors Angela and Richard Light Awah, who live in the village where the school is located. Both run the Holyrock Mountain of Light Church. In addition, we cooperate very closely with the School Principal Okpara Elizabeth Mgbo. We are at the very beginning with the project and are currently in the first round of planning the renovation and corresponding cost planning. Further information on this project can be found on the country and initiative pages. This project will be with us for a while, because the school buildings are in a very bad condition. As in our projects in India and Nepal, “Give children a future” applies here too. We are all looking forward to an exciting journey together to a new country for the HUMAN Foundation.

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