Water Supply for the Amuro/Mgbom School

9. March 2021

As the first construction measure of our project in Nigeria, we built a water supply . For the entire school complex with 1,700 students, 80 teachers and assistants as well as the provision of food for the students through the school kitchen, this is a big step forward and creates an enormous relief.

After preparation and drilling began at the end of December, we were able to hand over the water supply system on February 26 to the school management as part of a small ceremony . We drilled a borehole 100 meters deep and the water will be pumped into a 4,000 liter water tank. As we cannot use a central power supply, we have to operate the pump with a small generator.The water is of very good drinking quality. The children, teachers and the kitchen staff are very happy with the water supply. There are five taps available on the school grounds for both primary and secondary schools.

Ultimately, the availability of water is of great importance for our planned renovation work, as otherwise we would have to buy the water at a high price.

The beginning has been made. The next phase will be the renovation of a dilapidated school building and the installation of sanitary facilities . Missing toilets are a major challenge for the large number of students and teachers. We hope that these measures can be implemented in 2021 and 2022.

Thank you very much for your support.

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